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"Recorded in 1966, this 1st recording by the Chapin Brothers represents the work of three very talented young men. Two of the three continued in music since that time performing and writing music. Harry Chapin, the oldest of the brothers struck gold with a million selling song, Cat s In The Cradle. He was destined for still greater fame when his life was cut short in an accident while returning home on the L.I.E. His siblings continued on, in music, with Tom cutting a wide swath in the children s music field, and Steve similarly performing his own material over the years It is an ironic fact of musical history that The Doors first recording for Electra saw the light of day, on the self same day that this album was released. I had lunch with Jac Holzman of Electra that day and he predicted the success of The Doors with uncanny precision. I wisely refrained from commenting. Now, forty six years later, with the release of this CD, the work of these three brothers can once again be listened to and enjoyed."

- Irv Kratka


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Baby Let Me Walk With You The Rains Come Down When do You find Time to Breathe Someone Keeps Callin' My Name Thinking Of Tonight Ground Hog Foolish Games Another Man Stars Tangled Come Back Strong Blood Water Going, Going, Gone Let Me Down Easy On the Road

Additional Info

Additional Info

Format: Jazz Record
Soloist/Artist Happy Chapin / Tom Chapin / Steve Chapin
Instruments Music and Musicians
Composer No
Accompanist/ Conductor No


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"Looking Back in Time" Review by Big Toots
PR 66 Chapin Music!

The “brothers” act is a time-honored entertainment tradition. In jazz, of course, we have the Marsalis, Jones, Mangione, and Adderley clans and others. In a more popular vein there are the Everlys, Osmonds, Jacksons and, although lesser-known collectively as all of the aforementioned, the Chapins – Steve, Tom and Harry. While these sons of famed big band and studio drummer/educator, Jim Chapin, went on to more individual recognition and notoriety, this unique recording is a fascinating glimpse of their work as a group in the 1960s – a time when “message “ and folk music, coffee houses and college campuses all intermingled before other worlds collided.

The team sends up 14 Chapin original selections which cover a wide genre spectrum – popular and folk-inspired. For example, the opening cut shades the Everly Brothers, as well as the UK’s “Animals.” The nature of their lyric content across the date, however, is significantly more intelligent and poetic than much of the simpler fare being recorded by many pop artists. Brother Harry, whose work gravitated into more message (and humanitarian) efforts with mega-hits, “Cat’s in the Cradle” and “Taxi,” demos shades of same with “When Do You Find Time to Breathe?” and “Stars Tangled.” Brother Tom went on to win Grammys for children’s works. Steve toured as a vocalist, as well. They are a talented group of “musicteers.”

The vocal and instrumental musicianship of the brothers is certainly satisfactory, if not of the brilliance of their father’s studio work (“Foolish Games,” “Let Me Down Easy”).
However, the nature of the material here does not require technical or vocal wizardry (a Kingston Trio-channeled “Blood Water,” “Going, Going, Gone,” “On the Road”). These are melodically and harmonically simple songs (but not simple in the derogatory sense) from a time that was soon to become significantly more complex.

“Chapin Music!” is a fascinating musical time-capsule – one that is approachable, honest and genuine. It is well worth your excavating.
(Posted on 6/21/2015)
Chapin Music!Review by Simon Sez
Harry Chapin became famous but few probably know that he debuted with Tom and Steve Chapin as the Chapin Brothers. Their rare 1966 album Chapin Music is a folk rock classic even if is not that well known.

Recorded when Harry Chapin was 23 and six years before he made it big, this is a very good album that fans of 1960s folk music will enjoy. “Where Do You Find Time To Breathe,” “Foolish Games” and “Going, Going, Gone” are especially memorable.

Simon Sez: Long before he became famous, Harry Chapin recorded a classic folk album with his brothers, Chapin Music (Prosceniium PR 66).
(Posted on 5/6/2014)

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