Clifford Brown - The Paris Collection, Vol. 2

Turn on a jazz program, and chances are you'll run across the sweet sounds of Clifford Brown. In the 22 short years Brownie lived he managed to make a huge impact on the jazz world with his excellent playing. This album, recorded on October 8, 1953 in Paris, is a wonderful glimpse at his genius.

The first track, "Minority," written by alto sax player Gigi Gryce, is given three separate takes, along with two takes each on "Baby" and "Salute to the Band Box." These alternates allow you the unique opportunity to hear the exciting process of improvisation and development employed by world class jazzmen. Gryce and Brown are joined by Henri Renaud on piano, Jimmy Gourley on guitar, Jean-Louis Viale on drums, and Pierre Michelot on bass. An exciting, long overdue reissue!

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Minority (take 1) Minority (take 2) Minority (take 3) Salute to the Band Box Salute to the Band Box (take 2) Strictly Romantic Baby (take 1) Baby (take 2)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Format: Jazz Record
Soloist/Artist Clifford Brown
Instruments Music and Musicians
Composer No
Accompanist/ Conductor Gigi Gryce, Henri Renaud, Jimmy Gourley, Jean-Louis Viale, Pierre Michelot
SKU IC7011


Customer Reviews (3)

"Brownie in Paris!!!"Review by Big Toots
IC 7011 The Paris Collection Vol. 2 Clifford Brown

If there was one seldom-mentioned element to the jazz soloing genius of Clifford Brown it was his impeccable consistency to move across the horn and the chord changes with effortless flair – and, do that cut after brilliant cut. While Brownie was intellectually “mathematical” and certain logical elements of chordal progressions and their content came easy to him, the trumpet itself is a pound and a half of very unforgiving brass. Taming that tiger to respond and demo ease of execution, as Brown shows here (and always did) is further testament to his genius.

Recorded in Paris with alto saxophonist and fellow Hamptonite, Gigi Gryce (who composed all selections) and a French rhythm section, Brown delivers four tunes with fascinating multiple alternate takes on three of them “(Minority,” “Salute to the Band Box,” and “Baby”). A careful listen to this important and entertaining album will show Brownie scooting vertically and horizontally in a trumpeting swachbuckling with melody and chords. He never misses – even in the altissimo register - and his creative fountain spews endless ideas. His improv style – here at a young 24 years old – is already highly matured. And, as you will hear, he swings his derriere off. Gryce, always underrated, plays the role of a cooler Bird acolyte. He’s a lyrical and, like fellow sax man Harold Land, always works hand-glove with Brown.

The only ballad on this date (“Strictly Romantic”) has Clifford gifting us with his glorious, robust tone from his horn. What does it say that this was the only take on the selection? It is truly a sublime rendering.

Across the session, the French rhythm contingent does an adequate – if not spectacular - job of supporting the frontliners.

Enjoy this historically important effort; for Clifford not only played a Blessing, he was one.
(Posted on 6/9/2015)
Clifford Brown: The Paris Collection, Vol. 2Review by Simon Sez
Was Clifford Brown the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time? Some would hold out for Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie or Miles Davis, all for different reasons. But no one with two functioning ears would argue with the beauty of Clifford’s tone, and the quality of his recordings during his tragically brief life. One could point to any of Brown’s solos and say “This is the way that the trumpet should sound.”
While touring with Lionel Hampton in Europe in 1953, Brownie was one of his many sidemen who violated his bizarre order not to record. The musicians’ mutinous behavior resulted in the breakup of Hamp’s big band, but luckily not before they made quite a few records. The Paris Collection, Vol. 2 holds its own with Vol. 1. While there are only four songs on this CD, all featuring Brownie with Gigi Gryce’s combo, there are also four alternate takes. The solos are fresh and exciting on each version of each song (which includes three renditions of Gryce’s famous “Minority”) and Gigi on alto does his best to keep up with the amazing trumpeter. Although the music was recorded in France with French players in the rhythm section, Gigi Gryce (who wrote all of the songs)was actually an American.

Simon Sez: Clifford Brown’s The Paris Collection Vol. 2 (IC7011) features Brownie in top form including on three versions of “Minority.”
(Posted on 5/6/2014)
Review by Scott Yanow
Turn on a jazz program, and chances are you'll run across the sweet sounds of Clifford Brown. In the 22 short years Brownie lived, he made such huge contributions to the jazz world that his name is remembered fondly to this day. This album, recorded on October 8, 1953 in Paris, is a wonderful glimpse at his genius. (Posted on 6/14/2013)

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